Schedule 2014

The Spontaneous Speakeasy has an insane lineup for 2014.

Friday March 7th –  Open
5:00 pm La Madness  (Rock/Blues)
7:00 pm Burning Daisy (Alternative)
8:00 pm Eryn Woods (Pop/Punk)
9:00 pm Reinventing Jude (Indy Soul/Blues)
10:00 pm Nikhil Korula (rock, reggae, calypso, African, Latin Fusion)
12:00 am DJ

Saturday March 8th –  Akyumen Party

1:00 pm Philip Nelson (Classic Country)
2:00 pm Cody Joe Hodges (Outlaw Country)
4:00 pm Grace Vardell (Singer/Songwriter)
5:00 pm Eryn Woods (Pop/Punk)
6:00 pm LA Wood (Beach Music)
7:00 pm MANIKIN (Electronic Alternative)
8:00 pm Akyumen Demo
9:00 pm Karen Ringo (Rock)
10:00 pm Shake Anderson (R&B/Soul)
12:00 am DJ

Sunday March 9th –  SoftLayer

6:00 pm Bonfire Beach (Surf Alternative)
10:00 pm Kapali Long (Singer/Songwriter)
12:00 am DJ

Monday March 10th –  SoftLayer

6:00 pm Night N Nail
8:00 pm Flavr Blue (Electronic)

Tuesday March 11th – Open

3:00pm “Women in Media”
12:00 pm The Password Kickoff
8:oo pm Eric Tessmer
9:00 pm 8mm
10:00 pm ManifestiV (Electronic)
12:00 am DJ

Wednesday March 12th – Open

2:00 pm Tom Cooper
6:00 pm Grace Vardell (Singer/Songwriter)
9:00 pm The Future Laureates
10:00 pm Lawless Heart
12:00 am DJ

Thursday March 13th – Open
2:00 pm DJ Gumbo
3:00 pm Kirk Thurmond
6:00 pm Zach Maxwell (Modern Jazz/Dance)
7:00 pm Philip Nelson & the Burgler Band (Country/Americana)
8:00 Chico Chico (Gypsy Jazz)
10:00 pm Flavr Blue (Electronic)
11:30 pm – Secret Show w/Angela Ryan, Eva Strangelove, Sabra JohnSin and more
12:00 am DJ

Friday March 14th – Acceptance Party

1:00 pm Ishi
2:00 pm Feather Face
3:00 pm The Suffers
4:00 pm The Tontons
5:00 pm Bodega Brovas (Rap)
6:00 pm Claes Cem (Singer/Songwriter)
7:00 pm Glass House (Singer/Songwriter)
8:00 pm Obscured by Echos
9:00 pm NK Band
10:30 pm lovecitylove with Amos Miller
12:00 am DJ Relapse

Saturday March 15th – RAGs To Riches

12:00 pm SXSW Recovery Session
4:00 pm Beyond Right & Wrong Screening
6:00 pm lovecitylove art collective
6:45 pm Joe Maraio & the Whyte Trash Allstars (Rock)
7:30 pm War of Wings – Meet and Greet with Tanner McElroy
8:00 pm Mason Hill
9:00 pm Steve Simon and David Vincent (Morbid Angel)
10:30 pm The Dollyrots
12:00 am lovecitylove art collective with Amos Miller

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